Flexible Shaft Coupling

For more than 20 years, CZPT has been designing and manufacturing world-class couplings and other power transmission components. Utilizing advanced manufacturing technologies and processes, CZPT provides highly-reliable coupling and component solutions to meet the most challenging industrial application requirements.



flexible shaft couplings, with its versatile design, provide a solution to a wide variety of coupling applications. Plus, you won’t need large inventories of spare parts – the only replacement part needed is the insert itself and it can be replaced in a matter of minutes without removing the hubs.


There’s no metal-to-metal contact with flexible shaft couplings, so you’ll save money by avoiding damage to hubs or other metal components. For harsh environments, including wash-downs for food processing, we offer a stainless-steel version of each coupling.

More Uptime

Your hubs and metal components can remain intact when you use flexible shaft couplings. Our design helps eliminate interference between coupling hubs that can damage your equipment. As needed, you can replace the urethane insert quickly and easily.

Innovative Design

Our couplings withstand up to 2 degrees of misalignment, as well as dampening vibration and shock loads in your equipment.The versatility of the flexible shaft design promotes standardization across your plant, reducing the need to stock multiple coupling styles and configurations. 

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Popular Products

Motor Coupling

This versatile series of couplings provides you with a full range of torque capacities and bore sizes, all with 1/32-inch parallel misalignment capability. These couplings attach to shafts with your choice of integral clamps or set screws. Combine this with optional keyways and the MC Series is tailor-made for your application. From medium-duty (aluminum) to heavy-duty, (stainless steel), this series provides solutions for a wide range of applications. From pumps and lead screws to conveyors, chances are an MC Series coupling/coupler will fit your needs

Bolted assemblies with steel or aluminium hubs connecting through laminated steel flex packs.  To connect two fixed shafts a double flexing design with two packs is needed.  If one shaft is floating, a single flexing design is possible.  Different models suit shafts from 4 to 150 mm, torques up to 9000Nm.  Metal disc couplings are torsionally stiff, backlash free and maintenance free.  Spacer versions up to 5m long are possible.

Simple, inexpensive and very common in European machinery where dimensions have become interchangeable, for example in many cases with KTR Rotex .  A simple 3 piece coupling will have two cast iron or aluminium hubs and a polyurethane element for torques 11 to 1465Nm, shafts 14 to 90mm.  More sophisticated variants include clamp hubs which can have zero backlash and compact high torque models.  Different grades of element, for example rubber, hytrel and bronze can vary the torsional softness and misalignment capacities.

Chain Couplings

The Chain Coupling consists of two sprockets joined together by standard duplex roller chain. This highly compact structure provides high flexibility between shafts, power transmission capabilities and is durable and robust.

Chain Couplings allow for easy maintenance, it is a simple easy on/easy off process.

Our Chain Couplings are supplied with casings standard.

Flexible Tyre Couplings

CBS stock a range of the highly flexible Tyre Couplings. Consisting of two flanges, the two halves are joined by a rubber tyre. The tyre itself is torsionally soft and flexible; this allows the Tyre Coupling to compensate for large amounts of shock loading and backlash, as well as both parallel and axial misalignment.

Highly Flexible Compensates for misalignment, upto; 4° angular, 6mm parallel, 8mm axial. Torsional flexibility of up to 12°, at max. torque.

Gear Couplings


Gear couplings transmit the highest amount of torque and the highest amount of torque in the smallest diameter of any flexible coupling.
 Each coupling consists of two hubs with crowned external gear teeth.  The hubs mesh with two internally splined flanged sleeves that are bolted together. Gear couplings accommodate angular and axial misalignment by the rocking and sliding of the crowned gear teeth against the mating sleeve teeth. Parallel misalignment is accommodated by having two adjacent hub/sleeve flex points. Gear couplings require periodic lubrication depending on the application. 

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How to Select a Coupling

Selection Criteria

With the selection for couplings being so vast it can get overwhelming when choosing a coupling specific to your system. In general, there are two types of coupling; torsional rigid couplings and vibration damping couplings. Torsional rigid couplings are characterized by their high torsional rigidity when subjected to torque load and their very low restoring forces when subjected to any type of misalignment. Torsional rigid couplings are chosen whenever the driving shafts rotation of the driving shaft must be transmitted precisely to the driven shaft and there is little to no misalignment.


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