AH141762/AH111447 Pulley for John Deere Combine

Spare part for farm machinery drive John Deere.

For tensioner drive belt vіd power unit for mechanical farm machinery.
Used to replace worn or damaged spare parts during repair works.


A detail in the form of a metal roll of the appropriate size and configuration in the central part of which is fixed bearing. A special coating is provided on the surface of the part, which provides maximum strength and durability.


Weight , W kg 1.82
Inner diameter , d mm 13
Outer diameter , D mm 166
Width , B mm 87

Usage of Idler pulley AH141762 

  • Combine harvester John Deere: 6622 9400 9410 945 9450 9500 9501 9510 9540WTS 9540I WTS 955 9550 9550SH 9560WTS 9560I WTS 9580 WTS 9580I WTS 9600 9610 9640WTS 9650STS 9660STS 9660WTS 9680WTS 9680I WTS 9750STS 9760STS 9780CTS C670 T550 T560 T660 T670 W540 W550 W650 W660
  • Mower John Deere: 4890
  • Tractor John Deere: 4895 915 920 930

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