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Place of Origin:
Busan, South Korea
Brand Name:
JAC Coupling
Model Number:
A3, AX, A4, A5, E4, G4
Stainless Steel
Standard or Nonstandard:
Flexible or Rigid:

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Standare Export Packing
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depends on type and quantity

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Lubricating oil is unnecessary because the Jac disc coupling has no sliding, frictional, or moving parts.Therefore, there is no friction or noise, and energy loss is low, with no dirty oil to cope with.

– Higher torsional and no backlash.For equipment such as machine tools with numerical controllers, indexing system, and printing machinesrequiring accruate shaft rotation and phase control, Jac disc coupling are best suited because of theirhigh torsional stiffness. – When properly installed and if initial conditionsremain unchanged, Jac disc coupling have anunlimited service life.Required maintenance consists of visual inspectionor the condition of the element(flexible plate) and ofthe bolts and nuts when operation is stopped.Should the element be damaged due to overload oraccident, a fall-safe mechanism transmitting rotationvia washers becomes operational.