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from 10 Hp to 1400 Hp

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Hydradrive is the perfect solution for noise and vibration caused by drivetrain.

In boats&yachts, the noise and vibration caused from the places you can see above. By using Hydradrive, you will seperate the engine and the shaft system. After this your engine will work by itself.

No Thrust Forces anymore!!!!! by the usage of Hyradrive, thrust forces has no effects on gearbox and engine. With the usage of Hydradrive vibration and noise caused by the thrust forces dramaticaly reduced. And your engine and gearbox life will be longer.

No Misalligment Problem!!!You can install Hydradrive unit up to 7°. And Hydradrive can take up to 8°. It is easier to install and after installation no misalligment problem.

You can check the models and specification from the below table.