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Couplicon XG2 type
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High-Gain Rubber Coupling
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50 Piece/Pieces per Month

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NBK high response coupling :

Flexible coupling

High gain rubber type XG2 series

The story behind the XG Series

In accordance with the evolution of servomotors,coupling needs have changed as well.

Servomotor speed response frequency has improved drastically over the past few years, creating an environment prone to vibration : it is difficult to achieve maximizing servomotor performance with existing high- rigidity couplings (disk-type).

The " High gain Rubber Coupling XG Serias ", with properties evolvng in tandem with servomotor evolution, is the ideal servomotor coupling.


• Integrated combination of alminum hub and high gain type rubber.

• Zero Backlash.


• High gain servomotor reduces stabilization time.

• Suppressing speed unevenness during Stepping Motor Operation.

• They have excellent vibration absorption.

• Actuator drive noize reducible.

• High Torque.


Offers a wide variety of usages, from high-performance servomotor applications to general-purpose usage.

Examples of Use

<<EX1>> Surface-mount machine

[Device Problem]Production improvement ( high throughput )

[Selection Point] Reduction of the stabilization time by supporting high gain in servomotor

<<EX2>> Press brake

[Device Problem]Suppression of back gauge vibration

[Selection Point]Excellent vibration absorption

<<EX3>> Duplex image inspection machine

[Device Problem]Production improvement ( high throughput )

[Selection Point] Reduction of the stabilization time by supporting high gain in servomotor

<<EX4>> Single shaft actuator

[Device Problem]Prevention of hunting when the servomotor is in high gain and space saving

[Selection Point] Suppression of vibration when servomotor is in high gain

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