1.A connecting website link of an O-ring Chain for standard application is pre-coated with grease in the pins. Prior to connection, verify the grease within the surfaces of pins, and when the level of grease is smaller, apply grease with bare hands. (If gloves are employed, the grease will likely be absorbed by the gloves.)
Example: Once the connecting website link (I) of an O-ring chain for general application is
shipped, O-rings are fitted on the roots of the pins. In case the O-rings come loose due to vibration in the course of transport, refit the O-rings in on the roots in the pins.
In this case, make sure to return the grease collected on the roots on the pins to your central surfaces with the pins, extra at portion A than at portions B shown during the above illustration. (Portions A is worn as a result of sliding using the bushings.)
two.The chain is usually most easily linked around the teeth of the sprocket. Engage the links at the two ends with the chain with the sprocket teeth and fit connecting pins. If the sprocket is often moved, the chain may also be linked about the loosened side.
three. Connecting process
1.Confirm that O-rings are attached for the roots from the pins.
two.In case the level of grease utilized on the connecting pins is modest, coat the pins with grease at the central portions.
three.Insert the connecting pins to the bushings on the inner back links at the two ends.
four.Verify that the grease is utilized on the whole face with the O-ring, and fit the O-ring onto the connecting pins.
5.Insert the connecting pins to the connecting plate and whilst pressing the connecting plate, set up the spring clip. Confirm regardless of whether the head (the finish with no split) with the spring clip is turned while in the feeding course of your chain. (See the following illustration.)
six.Make sure to confirm that the spring clip is securely fitted inside the clip grooves on the connecting pins.
This completes jointing with the connecting link. Note that grease around the surfaces of connecting pins and O-rings could be eliminated for the duration of installation perform. In this instance, re-grease using the grease about the surface in the base chain or the grease from the polyethylene bag through which the connecting website link was contained.